Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DK)
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Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra - Photo: Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DYJO)

Foto: Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DYJO)

Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DK)

Marius Bøwadt Jensen (a-sax, s-sax, cl, fl), Elivene Melchiorsen (a-sax), Peter Thomsen Gjesse (t-sax, cl, fl), Albert Schwabe (t-sax), Søren Juust (b-sax), Asta Barkmann, Peter Tramm, Andrea Langdahl Christiansen and Elias Overgaard Hansen (trp), Rune Lorensen, Jakob Vinner and Benjamin Dammeyer (trb), Anders Moeslund Bernth (b-trb), Bjørn Nitschke (g), Alfred Lassen (p), Asbjørn Busk Horne (b), Lasse Wagner (drm), John Riddell (cond)


Experience the budding young talents of Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra at Musikhuset Swings as they take the stage with the concert We Are DYJO. The band has created the repertoire themselves with each musician responsible for choosing, composing, or arranging a song on the setlist.

Each piece is accompanied by a short story by the musicians about why it was chosen. Thus, We Are DYJO is a unique opportunity to get close to the band's musicians where they feel most at home: in big band music. 

Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DYJO) is an up-and-coming youth big band on the Danish jazz scene. The band is made up of the region's up-and-coming talents in the Danish jazz scene. It acts both as an elite young big band and as a talent development base in the Central Jutland region.

Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra leaves room for the wild, quirky, and experimental – but rooted in tradition.

Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra receives support from Aarhus cultural development funds and from Region Midtjylland as part of Jazzfabrikken – a regional development collaboration between Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, the Royal Academy of Music, and Aarhus Music School.

The band is led and conducted by drummer John Riddell, who despite his young age has already left a mark on the Danish jazz scene with many different soloists and bands. He is one of the most sought-after young drummers in Denmark, a regular member of Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, and has played with a host of Danish and international soloists: Randy Brecker, Andrea Motis, Seamus Blake, Adam Rapa, Teitur, Caroline Henderson, Sinne Eeg, Cæcilie Norby, and many more.

About Musikhuset Swings
Ridehuset Swings is moving out! – Due to a major construction project near Ridehuset, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra has expanded its collaboration with Musikhuset Aarhus and is excited to invite audiences inside to the brand new, yet completely familiar, Musikhuset Swings.

From July 13-16, jazz-loving festival-goers can enjoy community, food, and great musical experiences in the foyer of Musikhuset and in Musikhusparken – with free admission to all concerts. Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus look forward to welcoming you to Musikhuset Swings.


Læs mere om Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra

Læs mere om Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra

Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DK)


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Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DK)


Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra - Photo: Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DYJO)Foto: Danish Youth Jazz Orchestra (DYJO)