July 13 - 20 2024
Nordkraft Big Band & Svaneborg Kardyb (DK) - Photo: Nordkraft Big Band & Svaneborg Kardyb

Photo: Nordkraft Big Band & Svaneborg Kardyb

Nordkraft Big Band & Svaneborg Kardyb (DK)


Nikolaj Svaneborg (keys), Jonas Kardyb (drm), Jan Jacobsen (a-sax), Sophus Bech (a-sax), Uffe Markussen and Ask Andreassen (t-sax), Nis Hellerøe Myrtue (b-sax), Nicholai Andersen, Niels Munk Petersen, Thomas Fryland and Jonas Scheffler (trp), Rasmus Holm, Thomas Skovlund Hansen and Jonas Lindh (trb), Kristian Kloster (trb, tuba), Martin Granum (g), Theo Hjorth (p), Anders Ammitzbøll (b), Peter Lund Paulsen (drm)

Minimalism and greatness

These two things enter into symbiosis when the renowned jazz duo Svaneborg Kardyb meets the North Jutland ensemble Nordkraft Big Band for this afternoon's Musikhuset Swings.

Grand arrangements and spherical sounds merge when the small duo and the big orchestra become one, setting the direction for big band music and jazz, challenging their respective music formats.

The acclaimed duo Svaneborg Kardyb wrote new music for this collaboration, which has been transformed into new works for the duo and big band together with Nordkraft Big Band's trombonist and arranger Rasmus Holm.

The Danish jazz duo Svaneborg Kardyb is one of Danish jazz's newest additions. The release of the duo's debut album Knob in spring 2019 was followed by a whirlwind year of massive attention and critically acclaimed concerts at home and abroad.

The duo made a name for themselves at the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2019 by receiving both the New Talent of the Year and Danish Jazz Composer of the Year awards for their "meditative grooves, natural approach to melody, and exquisite interaction."

Nordkraft Big Band is the North Jutland big band of all Denmark, which over the past years has distinguished itself as one of the country's most active, visionary, and serious ensembles in contemporary rhythmic music. They have gained international recognition for their releases and concerts, and are frequently featured on P8 Jazz.

The big band has worked with John Clayton (US), Bob Mintzer (US), Robben Ford (US), Sinne Eeg, Bobo Moreno, Margrete Grarup, Aalborg Symfoniorkester, Nikolaj Bentzon, Aviaja Lumholt, Veronica Mortensen, Jimmy Jørgensen, Martin Brygmann, Søren Sko, Dorthe Gerlach, Niels Jørgen Steen, Szhirley, Kaya Brüel, Birthe Kjær, and Rasmus Bjerg.

The project is supported by the Danish Arts Council. Nordkraft Big Band is supported by Aalborg Municipality and the Danish Arts Foundation.


About Musikhuset Swings
Ridehuset Swings is moving out! – Due to a major construction project near Ridehuset, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra has expanded its collaboration with Musikhuset Aarhus and is excited to invite audiences inside to the brand new, yet completely familiar, Musikhuset Swings.

From July 13-16, jazz-loving festival-goers can enjoy community, food, and great musical experiences in the foyer of Musikhuset and in Musikhusparken – with free admission to all concerts. Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus look forward to welcoming you to Musikhuset Swings.


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