Sangskattekisten (DK)
Sangskattekisten - Photo: Aarhus Hostel

Foto: Aarhus Hostel

Sangskattekisten (DK)

Camilla Dayyani (voc), Hans Esbjerg (p), Jens Jefsen (b)

Famous children's songs that swing

Sangskattekisten brings kids and grown-ups to their feet with swinging music.

They play the good old children's songs like Hjulene på bussen, Jeg gik mig over sø og land, and Tommelfinger. Everyone is involved with singing, rhythm and movement, creating a wonderful concert experience together.

Kids may know the songs and videos from YouTube, and the trio enjoys turning the familiar into a fun and lively musical experience.

It's always a big hit when kids hear the good old classic songs brought to life on stage by Camilla Dayyani.


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Sangskattekisten (DK)


Cover charge 30 DKK

Børn under 7 år gratis.

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Sangskattekisten (DK)


Sangskattekisten - Photo: Aarhus HostelFoto: Aarhus Hostel