Max Wolff (DK)
Max Wolff - Photo: Max Wolff

Foto: Max Wolff

Max Wolff (DK)

Max Wolff (g, voc), Lars Pedersen (drm)

Real music from the era of the record player

A time when authentic sound and musical intimacy were key.

In a mishmash of crumpled evergreens, well-known songs, and original tunes, this concert is full of retro and references to the long-haired 70s – and the record shelves of the grown-ups.

It's the sound of blues, folk, and jazz from an old Gibson jazz guitar played out through an old Fender amp with just a little reverb added. A wonderful blend of English and Danish. A pleasant sound meant for an adult audience.

These are songs and great tunes that you can listen, dance, or just enjoy a beer to. Here, you are in the good company of skilled musicians who keep a style of playing and art alive that works for both the thirsty well-to-doers and the picky types.


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Max Wolff (DK)


Cover charge FREE


Klostertorvet 6
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 60 19 94 77
Max Wolff (DK)


Max Wolff - Photo: Max WolffFoto: Max Wolff