Rindom/Korsgaard/Rune/Pedersen (DK)
Rindom/Korsgaard/Rune/Pedersen - Photo: Zanders Bar

Foto: Zanders Bar

Rindom / Korsgaard / Rune / Pedersen (DK)

Morten Rune (voc, g), August Korsgaard (keys), Christian Pedersen (b), Mathias Rindom (drm)

From the great catalog of soul and blues music

The quartet members know each other from the Aarhus music scene and have played together in many different settings.  

In this constellation, they will delve into the great song catalog of soul and blues music. Covering artists such as James Carr, Otis Rush, and Neil Young, the stage is set for an evening with a wide but firm musical foundation.

In addition to this constellation, the four musicians play with many Danish and foreign artists, including Big Creek Slim, Vooo Ca Ray, SALLY, ELLIE, Red Handed Five, Big O & The Blue Quarters.


Rindom/Korsgaard/Rune/Pedersen (DK)


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Rindom/Korsgaard/Rune/Pedersen (DK)


Rindom/Korsgaard/Rune/Pedersen - Photo: Zanders BarFoto: Zanders Bar