Swing, Sjov & Øl (DK)
Swing, Sjov & Øl - Photo: Kulturkollektivet

Foto: Kulturkollektivet

Swing, Sjov & Øl (DK)

Emil Otto (voc), Jakob Venndt (voc, hca, b), Pojken Flensborg (p), Per Kolling (drm), Niels-Peter Henriksen (poetry), Daniel Lill (cond)

A night of jazz, comedy, and beer tasting

What do you get when you pair Otto Brandenburg with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Toots Thielemans, and Victor Borge? The answer is simple: Double bassist, harp virtuoso, singer, and entertainer Jacob Venndt.

What if you add a solid, raw beat from drummer Per Kolling, and a soft, crisp touch from pianist Pojken Flensborg?

Well, then you've covered all the ingredients in Jacob Venndt's Fabuluos Swing Trio!

The music and songs are presented with a sense of humor, high spirits, and a traditional piano trio foundation. With its singing double bassist, it invites the audience to a fond reunion with classics such as Kys hinanden, Dit hjerte er i fare Andresen, Ølhunden, Admiralens vise, Sangen om Larsen, Når en sailor går i Land, and many, many more.

The evening also features a world premiere as Emil Otto has his vocal debut with Jakob Venndts Trio. The repertoire comes from the Great American Songbook.

Emil Otto is well on his way to establishing himself as Denmark's new jazz crooner, finding inspiration in the likes of Frank Sinatra, Jamie Collum, and Harry Connick. In addition to being an excellent singer, Emil Otto is an accomplished composer with his first album set for release in September.

The two comedians Niels-Peter Henriksen and Daniel Lill have over 30 years of combined experience in the Danish stand-up scene. They are ready to guide the audience through an evening of great music and laughs, as well as the chance to sample four unique beers.

Sisters Amalie and Ida-Maria from "Schwesterbrau", who brew beers under the motto "Beer and sisterly love", will introduce the beers that can be sampled during the evening.


Swing, Sjov & Øl (DK)


Cover charge 225 DKK


Gudrunsvej 78
8220 Brabrand


(+45) 22 14 63 92
Swing, Sjov & Øl (DK)


Swing, Sjov & Øl - Photo: KulturkollektivetFoto: Kulturkollektivet