Kwella/Bisgaard/Friis (DK)
Kwella/Bisgaard/Friis - Photo: Jens Ørnholt

Foto: Jens Ørnholt

Kwella / Bisgaard / Friis (DK)

Jens Christian Kwella (g), Peter Friis (b), Ulrik Bisgaard (drm)

Original renditions of some favorites

The concert's repertoire, drawn from The Great American and Danish Songbooks, takes you by the hand and accompanies you through heartfelt folk, funky soul-jazz, gently swaying bossa nova, and soaring bebop. 

Jens Christian Kwella, Peter Friis, and Ulrik Bisgaard have been playing together for 28 years. Together and individually, with bands like TangoJazz, Big Butter, The Rascal Swing Band, and Saluzzi, Fracchi, Bisgaard Trio, the musicians have left their mark on the Danish jazz scene.

The trio's music showcases a highly empathetic and attentive ensemble that alternates between dense, groovy parts and open progressions where the three musicians take you into the deep waters of improvisation. 

Look forward to a versatile musical experience that ranges from Charlie Parker to the medieval song Drømte mig en drøm i nat.


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Kwella/Bisgaard/Friis (DK)


Cover charge 50 DKK


Kystpromenaden 2
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 91 25 25 31
Kwella/Bisgaard/Friis (DK)


Kwella/Bisgaard/Friis - Photo: Jens ØrnholtFoto: Jens Ørnholt