Henrik Gunde & Morten Ramsbøl (DK)
Henrik Gunde & Morten Ramsbøl - Photo: Tir Na Nóg

Foto: Tir Na Nóg

Henrik Gunde & Morten Ramsbøl (DK)

Henrik Gunde (p), Morten Ramsbøl (b)

Versatile and competent jazz duo

Pianist Henrik Gunde is one of the country's best musicians, fits into all formats, and masters most styles. And he is gifted with a rare and formidable swing.

It is clear that Henrik Gunde has studied the rhythm and approach to music of the old masters, but without compromising his own originality. Most recently, together with Jakob Munck, he was nominated for a Grammy in the category of special releases for the album Frit efter... Carl Nielsen.

Henrik Gunde is also known for his many years as a pianist in DR Big Band.  

The second part of the evening's duo is bassist Morten Ramsbøl, who has performed with a host of musicians, including Kurt Elling, Cæcilie Nordby, Karen Busch, Erik Alexander, Morten Lund, Kristian Leth, and Lars Jansson. He is also a sought-after studio and orchestra musician.

Morten Ramsbøl cultivates the well-known Danish jazz tradition, and with his high technical level, the beautiful melodies sound like a breeze.


Henrik Gunde & Morten Ramsbøl (DK)


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Henrik Gunde & Morten Ramsbøl (DK)


Henrik Gunde & Morten Ramsbøl - Photo: Tir Na NógFoto: Tir Na Nóg