Oilly Wallace & Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio (DK)
Oilly Wallace & Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio - Photo: Tir na nÒg

Foto: Tir na nÒg

Oilly Wallace & Vuust / Vuust / Stefansson Trio (DK)

Oilly Wallace (sax), Frederik Vuust (p), Thorbjørn Stefansson (b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

Jazz trio featuring young sax talent

During Aarhus Jazz Festival 2022, Tir na NÓg presents a series of concerts in the format trio plus one - in the form of a guest soloist.

During the week, a handful of the well-established acts and some of the most exciting talents from the Danish jazz scene will be performing.

This afternoon, a trio consisting of Frederik Vuust (piano), Thorbjørn Stefansson (double bass), and Mikkel Vuust (drums) will be joined by Oilly Wallace (saxophone).

Despite his young age (born in 1996), the highly talented Oilly Wallace has made a name for himself on the Danish jazz scene, where, in addition to playing in his own band, he also appears as a sideman in countless contexts. When you first see Wallace perform live, you have to pinch yourself, as it is difficult to tie the image of the young musician to his style, which would be easier to associate with a mature musician with decades of experience. After that, you can just sit back and enjoy the sublime technique and rejoice at how much greatness we still have in store from Wallace over the many years ahead.



Oilly Wallace & Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio (DK)


Cover charge 75 DKK

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Oilly Wallace & Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio (DK)


Oilly Wallace & Vuust/Vuust/Stefansson Trio - Photo: Tir na nÒgFoto: Tir na nÒg