Artur Tuznik/Camilla Dayyani Duo (DK/PL/IR)
Artur Tuznik/Camilla Dayyani Duo - Photo: Bazarjazz

Foto: Bazarjazz

Artur Tuznik / Camilla Dayyani Duo (DK/PL/IR)

Camilla Dayyani (voc), Artur Tuznik (p)

Living room concert – jazz up close

Artur Tuznik is one of the most prominent new pianists on the Danish jazz scene. He plays with balance and sensitivity that captivates the audience. Artur is active in many different groups and can be experienced with his own sextet, which recently released an album.

With her sonorous excess and dedication to lyricism, Camilla Dayyani is also known to captivate audiences. She is a versatile singer who can be experienced in classical contemporary music, children's jazz, Persian folklore, and modern jazz.

This evening the two musicians will play together at a studio concert in Camilla's home in Brabrand. They are looking forward to playing with the music and feeling the audience up close.

You'll have to be quick as there aren't many tickets on sale.

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Artur Tuznik/Camilla Dayyani Duo (DK/PL/IR)


Cover charge 150 DKK

Billetten er inklusive et glas vin eller en vand i pausen.

Dayyani Residence

Dayyani Residence
Tranebærvej 11
8220 Brabrand


(+45) 22 87 16 04
Artur Tuznik/Camilla Dayyani Duo (DK/PL/IR)


Artur Tuznik/Camilla Dayyani Duo - Photo: BazarjazzFoto: Bazarjazz