The Vooo Ca Ray (DK)
The Vooo Ca Ray - Photo: Zanders Bar

Foto: Zanders Bar

The Vooo Ca Ray (DK)

Emil Otto (voc, p), Scott Westh (trp), Jonathan Bruun Meyer (trb), Christian Pedersen (b), Søren Pedersen (voc, drm)

Love for New Orleans

With a shared love for all the great music that has come out of New Orleans in the last 100 years, the musicians of Vooo Ca Ray have found each other in the Aarhus music scene.

The band has been around for six years, acting as a house band for HeadQuarters in Aarhus. They have also enjoyed great success with the A Night In New Orleans concert series.

The Vooo Ca Ray has played at several Danish jazz festivals, including Riverboat Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, and Aarhus Jazz Festival.

This will be a spicy gumbo filled with everything from second-line street beats to Fats Domino – in other words, a mix of jazz and R'n'B from its traditional roots. 

It will be sweaty, swampy, and good – and played by some of the best young musicians in East Jutland.


The Vooo Ca Ray (DK)


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Zanders Bar

Zanders Bar
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Zanders Bar
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The Vooo Ca Ray (DK)


The Vooo Ca Ray - Photo: Zanders BarFoto: Zanders Bar
The Vooo Ca Ray - Photo: Aarhus HostelFoto: Aarhus Hostel