July 13 - 20 2024
Bojsen / Friis / Addemos (DK) - Photo: Fotograf: Kristine Bjørg Frank Bojsen

Photo: Fotograf: Kristine Bjørg Frank Bojsen

Bojsen / Friis / Addemos (DK)


Henrik Bojsen (sax), Søren Bo Addemos (g), Peter Friis (b)

Aarhus jazz with a strong and experienced crew

The repertoire includes both Danish and international hits, original compositions, standards – jazzy versions of songs by Django Reinhardt, Charles Mingus, Kim Larsen, George Harrison, Scarlet Pleasure, and Hans Ulrik – ballads, bossa novas, blues and bop.

The performance is characterized by an attentive ensemble, beautiful melodic themes, and riveting solos. There will also be stories that involve the audience and create a good experience with the music, musicians, and sideman.

Saxophonist Henrik Bojsen has played jazz with Lisbeth Iversen, Heine Hansen and several big bands around Aarhus. He also has afro and world in his musical DNA from Ngogo Highlife. Bojsen / Friis / Addemos leave room for Henrik's passion for composition, adding an unmistakable and original Nordic flavor to the repertoire. As a soloist, he is deeply familiar with jazz and blues, and adds nerve to the music through a special rhythmic and tonal approach.

Guitarist Søren Bo Addemos has left his mark on Danish and Aarhus jazz for decades as a regular member of Klüvers Big Band / Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and a host of duos, trios, quartets, etc., not least at the Aarhus Jazz Festival. Søren is both a striking and exciting soloist and a sensitive and colorful accompanist, who characterizes the trio with his distinctive expression and personal tonal language.

Double bassist Peter Friis is omnipresent on the Aarhus jazz scene with acts such as Karmen Rõivassepp, Jesper Thilo, and Jens Christian Kwella. Peter grounds the music with his unmistakable rhythmic drive with percussive character. At the same time, he is a courageous soloist who lifts the music melodically and tonally, giving the trio a rich and saturated expression.


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Cover charge 50 DKK

Aarhus Jazz Festival

Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3

DK-8000 Aarhus C