July 13 - 20 2024
Uffe Steen Trio (DK) - Photo: Café Støj

Photo: Café Støj

Uffe Steen Trio (DK)


Uffe Steen (g), Thomas Sejthen (b), Jesper bo Knudsen (drm)

In the crossroads between blues and jazz

The band's infectious ensemble is based on varied and catchy melodies. Original music is played at the crossroads of blues and jazz, meaning that no two concerts will be the same.

Over the course of his long career, Uffe Steen has played with a large number of renowned jazz and blues acts. He is known for his deeply personal style and has gained international acclaim for his unique technique and empathetic and compelling playing.

Thomas Sejthen is the rock-solid foundation in the trio's musical maelstrom. As an added bonus, he provides an exciting and different counter solo to the guitar.

Jesper Bo Knudsen is the sound vibist, whose drums make the music flow and melt together. Jesper Bo Knudsen places himself insistently behind the soloist and is ready right when it all explodes.

The group has released two albums, Retroscope and Twangz.


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