Jansson-Ramsbøl-Falkenberg (SE/DK)
Jansson-Ramsbøl-Falkenberg - Photo: Café Støj

Foto: Café Støj

Jansson-Ramsbøl-Falkenberg (SE/DK)

Lars Jansson (p), Morten Ramsbøl (b), Chris Falkenberg (drm, electronics)

Original Nordic jazz with a twist

Experience one of Scandinavia's greatest jazz pianists Lars Jansson in a new lineup with bassist Morten Ramsbøl, and the emerging young drummer Chris Falkenberg.

This trio plays well-known Nordic originals by Lars Jansson.

The musical universe revolves around the simple and understandable melody, which has proven to touch a wide range of audiences with its catchy and singable sound.

There is a slight twist to this trio, as their goal is to explore Lars' music and see where it goes when combined with electronics.


Jansson-Ramsbøl-Falkenberg (SE/DK)


Cover charge 250 DKK

Café Støj

Café Støj
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Café Støj
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Jansson-Ramsbøl-Falkenberg (SE/DK)


Jansson-Ramsbøl-Falkenberg - Photo: Café StøjFoto: Café Støj