Nikolaj Bøgelund JazzNSoul (DK)
Nikolaj Bøgelund JazzNSoul - Photo: Café Smagløs

Foto: Café Smagløs

Nikolaj Bøgelund JazzNSoul (DK)

Nikolai Bøgelund (trb), Mark Chemnitz (keys), Oliver McEwan (b), Kasper Langkjær (drm)

Versatile trombonist with a strong team

Nicolai Bøgelund has been playing the trombone in big bands and horn sections with a host of artists.

Recent years have seen touring work with Lukas Graham in particular, but the list of artists Nicolai Bøgelund has played and recorded with, arranged for, or booked horn sections for is almost endless.

Among many others, we can mention Alberte, Andrew Strong, Big Fat Snake, Bobo Moreno, Camille Jones, Caroline Henderson, Claus Hempler, Cæcilie Norby, Daimi, Elaine Paige, Erann DD, Gitte Hænning, Jimmy Jørgensen, Kira Skov, Lars H.U.G., Lis Sørensen, Marie Carmen Koppel, One Two, Outlandish, Sanne Salomonsen, Sigurd Barret, Sko/Torp, Souvenirs, Steffen Brandt, Søs Fenger, Sys Bjerre, Swingsisters, The Temptations, Thomas Helmig, and TV-2.

Nikolaj Bøgelund JazzNSoul (DK)
Nikolaj Bøgelund JazzNSoul (DK)


Nikolaj Bøgelund JazzNSoul - Photo: Café SmagløsFoto: Café Smagløs