Pojken Flensborg Quartet (DK)
Pojken Flensborg Quartet - Photo: Piano Værkstedet

Foto: Piano Værkstedet

Pojken Flensborg Quartet (DK)

Pojken Flensborg (p), Hans Mydtskov (sax), Torben Bjørnskov (b), John Riddell (drm)

A personal and honest musical account of the Corona lockdown

The music for this concert was composed over a period of 10 days in April 2020, when the world stood still as a result of the first Corona lockdown in Denmark.

The material was recorded for the album Open at the music conservatory in Odense over two days in August 2020, with all musicians in close proximity in the same room, and released in 2021. There are no overdubs, and all tracks were recorded almost entirely as first takes. The musicians will try to preserve the same spirit for their concert in Skt. Lukas Kirke.

The music represents a personal and honest account of a situation that not only affected musicians but all individuals.

"It is very easy to like the new album Open by Pojken Flensborg Quartet. It is quite literally open and welcomes you into a melodic, ballad-filled universe, where the musicians go straight into the compositions of pianist Pojken Flensborg ... . Slow down – and listen to the Pojken Flensborg Quartet - it's preventative and healthy for body and mind."
Niels Overgård, JazzNyt.


Pojken Flensborg Quartet (DK)


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Skt. Lukas Kirke

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Pojken Flensborg Quartet (DK)


Pojken Flensborg Quartet - Photo: Piano VærkstedetFoto: Piano Værkstedet