Antonio Dayyani (DK)
Antonio Dayyani - Photo: VinDanmark(Magnus Munk Tækker)

Foto: VinDanmark(Magnus Munk Tækker)

Antonio Dayyani (DK)

Halfdan Hesselager (trp), Carlo Dayyani (g), Andrea Maagaard (p), Harald Hagelskjær (b), Antonio Dayyani (drm, comp)

Calm Nordic jazz

The 22-year-old Aarhus drummer and composer Antonio Dayyani will release his debut album Herfra Kan Det Kun Gå To Veje in the summer of 2022.

Come hear the album live alongside other original compositions at VinDanmark.

Antonio Dayyani's lyrical music blends folk and Nordic tones with an overarching jazz vibe. The relaxed setting around the music gives the musicians calm and space to show their personality and prowess, enabling each musician to leave their own distinct mark on the album.

It's all tied together by Antonio Dayyani's well-formed compositions, which set a pleasant Sunday mood with fine melodic lines, hazy arrangements, and understated yet catchy rhythmic touches.

Herfra Kan Det Kun Gå To Veje was produced by Dennis Ahlgren, who has worked with a string of Danish artists including Tina Dickow, Dicte, Total Hip Replacement, Camille Jones, and Kajsa Vala.

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Antonio Dayyani (DK)


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Antonio Dayyani (DK)


Antonio Dayyani - Photo: VinDanmark(Magnus Munk Tækker)Foto: VinDanmark(Magnus Munk Tækker)