July 13 - 20 2024
Bojsen, Friis & Addemos (DK) - Photo: Bojsen/Friis/Addemos

Photo: Bojsen/Friis/Addemos

Bojsen, Friis & Addemos (DK)


Henrik Bojsen (sax), Søren Bo Addemos (g), Peter Friis (b)

Original music and popular hits in new jazz twists

Look forward to a program with a mix of familiar popular music as delightful jazz arrangements, and sweeten your ears with new music in the form of original compositions.

Bojsen, Friis & Addemos deliver Aarhus jazz with a strong and experienced line-up. They play approachable jazz with Danish and international hits, original compositions, and standards.

Django Reinhardt, Charles Mingus, Kim Larsen, George Harrison, Scarlet Pleasure, and Hans Ulrik are some of the artists covered in new jazz ballad, bossa nova, blues, and bop arrangements.

The trio is characterized by an attentive ensemble, beautiful melodic themes, and captivating solos. All are served with stories that involve the audience and create a good experience with the music, musicians, and accompanist.

Look forward to a unique maritime and musical experience with Bojsen, Friis & Addemos as we tour Aarhus Harbor aboard the Jazzboat.


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