Cool Sweetness Sextet (DK)
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Cool Sweetness Sextet - Photo: Jazzselskabet Aarhus

Foto: Jazzselskabet Aarhus

Cool Sweetness Sextet (DK)

Jens Søndergaard (a-sax, t-sax), Mårten Lundgren (trp), Anders Jacobsen (trb), Pelle von Bülow (g), Ole Skipper (b), Aage Tanggaard (drm)

Cool jazz with Danish warmth

Jazzselskabet Aarhus (Aarhus Jazz Society) rounds off Aarhus Jazz Festival with a concert that draws connections to a significant chapter in jazz history.

Cool Sweetness Sextet is cool jazz from the American west coast mixed with the special Danish tone and played with the special Danish warmth.

The American West Coast style is the primary source of inspiration. Expect fresh, swinging, and quirky jazz similar to when Gerry Mulligan, Art Pepper, Frank Rosolino, and Chet Baker played at The Lighthouse in California in the 1950s.

The concert will also be a reunion with a number of musicians who have all previously distinguished themselves as part of Jazzsekskabet Aarhus.


Cool Sweetness Sextet (DK)


Cover charge 130 DKK

50 kr. for studerende under 26 år. 100 kr. for medlemmer af Jazzselskabet Aarhus.


Frederiksgade 78C
8000 Aarhus


Jazzselskabet Aarhus
Cool Sweetness Sextet (DK)


Cool Sweetness Sextet - Photo: Jazzselskabet AarhusFoto: Jazzselskabet Aarhus