Sommers Orkester (FI/ES/PL/DK)
Sommers Orkester - Photo: Mattias Andersson

Foto: Mattias Andersson

Sommers Orkester (FI/ES/PL/DK)

Max Zenger and Cesar Joaniquet (sax), Artur Tuźnik (p), Mariusz Praśniewski (b), Daniel Sommer (drm)

Empathetic composer and bandleader who leaves room for his fellow musicians

Daniel Sommer joins Sommers Orkester at the helm of an international supergroup performing Sommer's original compositions.

The compositions move with minimalist chords in Daniel Sommer's characteristic compositions. In addition, two-part melodies move in and out of each other in simple compositions that free the musicians to express themselves personally and in the present moment.          

For years, Daniel Sommer has moved effortlessly across boundaries and musical landscapes, where his responsive empathetic style marks a musical sensitivity and strong personality that has taken him far. 

Sommer sets the framework and creates the space for each band member's musicality to shine through.


Sommers Orkester (FI/ES/PL/DK)


Cover charge 100 DKK

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Sommers Orkester (FI/ES/PL/DK)


Sommers Orkester - Photo: Mattias AnderssonFoto: Mattias Andersson