KALEIIDO feat. Rumpistol & Lars Vissing (DK)
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KALEIIDO feat. Rumpistol & Lars Vissing - Photo: Aarhus Jazz Orchestra

Foto: Aarhus Jazz Orchestra

KALEIIDO feat. Rumpistol & Lars Vissing

Anna Roemer (g), Cecilie Strange (sax), Rumpistol (machines), Lars Vissing (trp)

Improvisation and sound experiments

On this night, Musikhuset Swings offers a unique concert with the Danish instrumental duo KALEIIDO.

Everything is improvised and KALEIIDO is always shifting in time, space, and place. This also applies to their line-up, which this time features an exciting collaboration with electronic artist Rumpistol, with whom the band has collaborated before on their single OUTSIDE.

Also on stage is Aarhus Jazz Orchestra's own Lars Vissing, who is never afraid to experiment with effects and sound. The stage is set for an incredibly exciting concert.


KALEIIDO. Guitarist Anna Roemer and saxophonist Cecilie Strange have teamed up in pursuit of a shared musical vision – to create music that shifts in time, space, and place. Building on the growing hype from their concerts in 2019, the duo released the critically acclaimed debut album VOYAGE in January 2021. With roots in jazz and improvisation tradition, the album explores an atmospheric and ambient sound where the instruments sneak around each other in an empathetic way.

The duo's distinctive style has created a buzz among audiences, not to mention critics at home and abroad. P8 Jazz has particularly embraced VOYAGE, which was selected as Album of the Week upon its release. KALEIIDO was nominated for the Carl Prisen-award in the category Composer of the Year in Jazz and at the Danish Music Awards Jazz in the category New Artist of the Year. 

Rumpistol. For Danish Rumpistol, the search for beauty and new sounds drives the music. His releases and live sets range from soft neoclassical piano pieces to bass-driven electronic music. Rumpistol has achieved wide recognition both at home and abroad, and his music was used at the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, among other events. In 2017, he won a Danish Music Award Jazz for the album Masala with his band Kalaha.

Lars Vissing. Danish trumpeter Lars Vissing can usually be found playing lead trumpet in Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. In recent decades, Lars has played in some of the country's most renowned jazz bands such as DR Big Band and The Orchestra and is a highly acclaimed soloist, composer, and arranger. 

About Musikhuset Swinger

Ridehuset Swings is moving out! – Due to a major construction project near Ridehuset, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra has extended its collaboration with Musikhuset Aarhus and is looking forward to inviting the audience inside the brand new, yet completely familiar, Musikhuset Swings.

From July 13 to 16, jazz-loving festival-goers can enjoy community, food, and great musical experiences in the foyer of Musikhuset and in Musikhusparken – with free admission to all concerts. Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus look forward to welcoming you to Musikhuset Swings.


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KALEIIDO feat. Rumpistol & Lars Vissing (DK)


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KALEIIDO feat. Rumpistol & Lars Vissing (DK)


KALEIIDO feat. Rumpistol & Lars Vissing - Photo: Aarhus Jazz OrchestraFoto: Aarhus Jazz Orchestra