Dayyani/Hagelskjær/Hagelskjær Trio (DK)
Dayyani/Hagelskjær/Hagelskjær Trio  - Photo: VinDanmark

Foto: VinDanmark

Dayyani / Hagelskjær / Hagelskjær Trio (DK)

Carlo Dayyani (g), Harald Hagelskjær (b), Gustav Hagelskjær (drm)

Interpretations of classical pieces and jazz standards

Carlo Dayyani, Gustav Hagelskjær, and Harald Hagelskjær all share the common trait of being talented young musicians flourishing on the Aarhus jazz scene. 

Although jazz is the arena in which the trio performs, their music draws on a broad spectrum of sources of inspiration, both outside and inside jazz.

The trio is particularly influenced by classical music. In addition to standards, you can experience jazzy and improvisational interpretations of classical composers such as Bach, Chopin, and Brahms. 

Come and experience the free energy of jazz in synthesis with the beautiful melodies of classical music.


Dayyani/Hagelskjær/Hagelskjær Trio (DK)


Cover charge 50 DKK


Kystpromenaden 2
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 91 25 25 31
Dayyani/Hagelskjær/Hagelskjær Trio (DK)


Dayyani/Hagelskjær/Hagelskjær Trio  - Photo: VinDanmarkFoto: VinDanmark