Africaba (DK/GH)
Africaba - Photo: Bazarjazz

Foto: Bazarjazz

Africaba (DK/GH)

Signe Thorborg Addison (storytelling, dance, sax, perc, voc), Otto Dahlgaard Mikkelsen (g, perc, voc), Samuel Kweku Addison and Richard Addison (perc, voc)

How the leopard got his spots 

Together with the audience, the quartet Africaba sings, drums, and dances their way through the tale of how the beautiful but lazy leopard got his spots.

The concert is based on the Ghanaian storytelling tradition, involving the audience in the story through call-response singing, clapping, gestures, and movement.

Lively Ghanaian dance rhythms form the basis of the catchy songs, which tell a comical story about universal themes such as friendship, justice, and the irony of fate.

Africaba is an Aarhus-based quartet with deep roots in West African culture, creating engaging musical narratives for children and their adults.

Africaba (DK/GH)


Cover charge FREE

Bazarjazz har to børnekoncerter denne eftermiddag: Kl. 14.30 Jorden Rundt og Kl 16.00 Africaba.

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Africaba (DK/GH)