Jorden Rundt - Malene Kjærgård (DK)
Jorden Rundt - Malene Kjærgård - Photo: Bazarjazz

Foto: Bazarjazz

Jorden Rundt - Malene Kjærgård (DK)

Malene Kjærgård (voc), Maj Berit Guassora (trp, perc), Johannes Wamberg (g), Tobias Dall (b), Tira Skamby (perc)

What does the suitcase hold?

Why does Hawaii look like a giant chocolate cake? Why is Ernesto's mum so tough on the island of Trinidad? And why does Malene's grandfather want chili con carne instead of flowers on his grave after he dies?

Malene is on holiday with her grandfather. Time stands still and she is bored. So she goes exploring in her grandfather's old attic. There, she finds his big old suitcase, containing souvenirs and findings from all his travels around the world.

At the concert, Malene explores the contents of the big suitcase, introducing children to short stories about different countries. They will go on a train ride through Russia, join an urban party on the island of Trinidad, relax on the beach at Copacabana, attend a drum and dance party in Ghana, and go on a bike ride through Copenhagen.

This is jazz at a child's level, inspired by music from all over the world. It will be hard to sit still as the many colors, sounds, moods, and impressions wash over the audience.

Children, as well as adults, will be invited to actively participate in the concert and in how the story of the day unfolds.

The concert is for 4-10 year olds.


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Jorden Rundt - Malene Kjærgård (DK)


Cover charge FREE

Bazarjazz har to børnekoncerter denne eftermiddag: Kl. 14.30 Jorden Rundt og Kl 16.00 Africaba.

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Jorden Rundt - Malene Kjærgård (DK)