Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet (US/SE)
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Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet - Photo: Jazzselskabet Aarhus

Foto: Jazzselskabet Aarhus

Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet (US/SE)

Jonathan Kreisberg (g), Marko Churnchetz (p), Phil Donkin (b), Karl Henrik Ousbäck (drm)

Jazz of international caliber

With Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet, Jazzselskabet Aarhus presents one of the biggest international names in modern jazz.

Jonathan Kreisberg has played and toured with a distinguished selection of jazz's great personalities and has – both with his own orchestras and as a sideman – distinguished himself as a musician who both pushes and preserves the rich tradition of jazz.

In his own words, his starting point is that "the more I work with jazz tradition, the more possibilities open up for the future."

In keeping with this statement, the concert will feature original tracks from Jonathan's latest albums as well as a selection of his favorite standards.

You'll also experience him in an intense and telepathic collaboration with three of New York's hottest names in new jazz right now: pianist Marko Churnchetz, bassist Phil Donkin and drummer Karl Henrik Ousbäck.

We promise a concert experience that will feature funky and quirky grooves, virtuosic solo work, and creative renditions of songs from jazz's great songbook. 


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Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet (US/SE)


Cover charge 180 DKK

75 kr. for studerende under 26 år. 150 kr. for medlemmer af Jazzselskabet Aarhus.


Frederiksgade 78C
8000 Aarhus


Jazzselskabet Aarhus
Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet (US/SE)


Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet - Photo: Jazzselskabet AarhusFoto: Jazzselskabet Aarhus