Lysgaard/Loeb/Ravn (DK)
Lysgaard/Loeb/Ravn - Photo: Hantwerk

Foto: Hantwerk

Lysgaard / Loeb / Ravn (DK)

Johannes Ravn (g), Lukas Loeb (b), Kristoffer Lysgaard (drm)

From lyrical to raw swing

For this concert, charismatic drummer Kristoffer Lysgaard has teamed up with two young, up-and-coming musicians from the Danish jazz scene, bassist Lukas Loeb, and guitarist Johannes Ravn.

Kristoffer knows Lukas from previous collaborations with pianist Frederik Vuust, and for tonight's concert he has brought along one of his best bandmates, Johannes Ravn.

Together, they will explore the many facets of the trio format, offering a mix of lyrical instrumental music and raw jazz. Both the traditional standard repertoire and original compositions will be on the agenda.


Lysgaard/Loeb/Ravn (DK)
Lysgaard/Loeb/Ravn (DK)


Lysgaard/Loeb/Ravn - Photo: HantwerkFoto: Hantwerk