Kathrine Windfeld Sextet (DK/SE/PL)
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Kathrine Windfeld Sextet - Photo: Gyngen

Foto: Gyngen

Kathrine Windfeld Sextet (DK/SE/PL)

Kathrine Windfeld (p, comp), Hannes Bennich (a-sax, s-sax), Marek Konarski (t-sax), Tomasz Dabrowski (trp), Johannes Vaht (b), Henrik Holst Hansen (drm)

A rising star on the European jazz scene

The Guardian (UK) describes Kathrine Windfeld‘s compositions as a rare combination of delicacy and strength: A colorful meeting of sophisticated harmonic passages, driving grooves and poetic ballads that float into her explosive arrangements.

With her highly acclaimed four big band releases Aircraft (2015), Latency (2017),  Orca (2020) and Determination (2021), Kathrine Windfeld s name has quickly exceeded the borders of her Scandinavian home, leading to countless awards and raving reviews in international publications like Downbeat (US), Le Monde (FR) and Jazzthing (DE).

Windfeld’s handpicked dream team of young Scandinavian and Polish musicians effortlessly combine playful precision with enthusiastic power. The horn section offers a delicate blend of strong individual voices in tight and sharp ensemble playing bursting into breathtaking solo spots.

Polish Marek Konarski and Tomasz Dabrowski are internationally acknowledged and unique players, and Hannes Bennich is a more than promising young Swedish alto saxophonist and composer. They all contribute with a furious energy and versatility on high artistic level.

Bass player Johannes Vaht and drummer Henrik Holst Hansen always deliver an intense performance with precision and creativity. As members of Kathrine Windfeld Big Band since 2014 they have developed an electric synergy, fuelled by Windfeld's powerful and delicate piano backing.

“Kathrine Windfeld is a rising star on the European jazz scene, not least for her bold writing for her adventurous big band.”
Jazzwise Magazine (UK).



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Kathrine Windfeld Sextet (DK/SE/PL)


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Kathrine Windfeld Sextet (DK/SE/PL)


Kathrine Windfeld Sextet - Photo: GyngenFoto: Gyngen