Late Night Jazz Jam – Lukas Loeb (DK)
Late Night Jazz Jam – Lukas Loeb - Photo: HeadQuarters

Foto: HeadQuarters

Late Night Jazz Jam – Lukas Loeb (DK)

Lukas Loeb (b), and many others

Join in the jazz festival's traditional musical free play

At the jazz festival's nightly jam sessions, Danish and foreign musicians from near and far come together in new constellations and play music to the delight of both themselves and the audience.

Each night has its own jam host, who will welcome musicians and audiences to join in the musical fun. A competent team of musicians will get the party started. Then the jam starts.

Grab your instrument, or "butter up" your vocals, and join in the musical celebration. A piano, drum kit, guitar, and bass amplifiers and microphones are available on stage.

This evening's host is Lukas Loeb - feinschmecker, bassist, sound artist, and film composer from 5771 Stenstrup. Lukas Loeb can be found in bands like Baryl, Lulu Flex, Megabrain, and the punk phenomenon Dracula's Secret Recipe. He operates a lot within the free, punk, and noise scenes as well as within modern and traditional jazz. He loves to play bebop solos but also likes to make noise.

Late Night Jazz Jam – Lukas Loeb (DK)


Cover charge FREE


Valdemarsgade 1
8000 Aarhus


(+45) 28 11 71 44
Late Night Jazz Jam – Lukas Loeb (DK)


Late Night Jazz Jam – Lukas Loeb - Photo: HeadQuartersFoto: HeadQuarters