July 13 - 20 2024
KISSA - Aarhus' nye jazzcontainer (DK) - Photo: Aarhus Jazz Orchestra

Photo: Aarhus Jazz Orchestra

KISSA - Aarhus' nye jazzcontainer (DK)


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A container is loaded with jazz 

KISSA is Aarhus Jazz Orchestra's new jazz container that provides a venue for concerts, talks, good coffee, and interesting conversations.

During the Aarhus Jazz Festival, KISSA will be located in Musikhusparken, where it will serve as a hub for a wide range of events, as well as a coffee bar and information stand for Aarhus Jazz Festival. 

KISSA is open every day during the jazz festival. In addition to acting as an information booth for the festival, everyone is welcome to drop by for a cup of coffee. 

You can also experience the concerts in and around the jazz container inside Musikhuset with a set of headphones while relaxing on the grass. Or you can play a board game, attend various jazz talks, DJ sets, and much more. 

KISSA – also before and after the jazz festival

From May 8, 2022, to October 31, 2022, KISSA moves around to six different locations in Aarhus Municipality, from where concerts, public gatherings, a brand new podcast about curiosity, talks, live streams, sing-alongs, and more are created in collaboration with local organizers.

Curiosity, which has always been a driving force in the development of jazz music, is central to Kissa's activities. Curiosity about other genres, other musicians, and other arts.

Jazz music has borrowed, stolen, and been inspired by the ideas of others and has often invited new musical trends into the music. In this way, open and curious encounters have been a catalyst for development, creativity, and new insights – and this is what KISSA seeks to cultivate – a space to share the openness and curiosity of jazz.

You can also find KISSA on Instagram - @Kissaaarhus.


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