Trypical Cumbia (CL/DK)
Trypical Cumbia - Photo: Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde

Foto: Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde

Trypical Cumbia (CL/DK)

José Lezaeta (sax), Cristian Jara (g), Alex Opazo (perc), Yannik Hartig (drm, perc)

Look forward to a musical journey across the Atlantic and back

Trypical Cumbia is rooted in the indigenous people of Chile, the Afro-Colombians, and the Danish soil of Ærø.

The band is an example of how cultures and nationalities can create something new together. In fact, the cumbia genre that the group plays has emerged from Latin America's very diverse population, which over time has created new cultural phenomena.

With this dance-friendly and audience-activating concert, Trypical Cumbia will highlight what cultural differences and assimilation represent and can contribute from a musical perspective.

The concert is for children and their families.

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Trypical Cumbia (CL/DK)


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Flemming Bamse Jørgensens Plads

Flemming Bamse Jørgensens Plads
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Trypical Cumbia (CL/DK)


Trypical Cumbia - Photo: Aarhus JazztømmerflådeFoto: Aarhus Jazztømmerflåde