Adrian Cox (UK/DK)
Adrian Cox - Photo: Cockney Pub

Foto: Cockney Pub

Adrian Cox (UK/DK)

Adrian Cox (sax, cl, voc), The Cockney Boys

Revisiting a popular and versatile clarinetist

Adrian Cox started playing the clarinet at the age of six and went pro by the time he was 15. 

He has mainly worked on the international jazz scene, performing with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz as part of Lincoln Center Orchestra, both in England and New York.

When he occasionally leaves jazz, he can be spotted around the world with ska legends Bad Manners.

Adrian has made numerous studio recordings, including with Maceo Parker, Paloma Faith, Dr. John, and Guy Barker, to name but a few.

Adrian Cox (UK/DK)


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Cockney Pub

Cockney Pub
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Cockney Pub
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Adrian Cox (UK/DK)


Adrian Cox - Photo: Cockney PubFoto: Cockney Pub