Mt. Olympus (DK)
Mt. Olympus - Photo: Domen - Bylivshuset - Pier 2

Foto: Domen - Bylivshuset - Pier 2

Mt. Olympus

Mads Witter (g), Mingus Riis-Holm (keys), Mads Fisker (b), August Ebbe (drm)

Young and modern fusion jazz

As part of Aarhus Jazz Festival, the fusion orchestra Mt. Olympus will play in Domen and take you on a musical journey through jazz, hip-hop, funk, and fusion.

Mt. Olympus fuses old and new in a hip combination of old jazz standards and modern fusion sounds.

The band originated at Silkeborg Gymnasium, where the members came together around their shared passion for jazz. Sources of inspiration range from the Scandinavian jazz and hip-hop scene to classic jazz fusion a la Weather Report.

Mt. Olympus (DK)


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Domen - Bylivshuset - Pier 2

Domen - Bylivshuset - Pier 2
Inge Lehmanns Gade 22
8000 Aarhus C


Domen - Bylivshuset - Pier 2
(+45) 41 85 46 95

Mt Olympus
Mt. Olympus (DK)


Mt. Olympus - Photo: Domen - Bylivshuset - Pier 2Foto: Domen - Bylivshuset - Pier 2