Tescha Quist Jazz Quintet (DK)
Tescha Quist Jazz Quintet - Photo: Café Smagløs

Foto: Café Smagløs

Tescha Quist Jazz Quintet

Tescha Quist (voc), Andreas Gad (sax), Jens Edlef Møller (p), Jesper Carlsen (b), John Nehen-Hansen (drm)

Original Jazz with Danish Lyrics

Charismatic singer Tescha Quist formed a jazz quintet in 2019 to sing her own interpretations of jazz standards and bossa nova.

One pandemic later, the band has developed a repertoire of primarily Danish texts, showcasing a captivating and exuberant singer backed by a seasoned team of Aarhus-based jazz musicians.

Tescha's Danish lyrics take center stage, but there is also room left for her own compositions in the original repertoire.

Since the quintet formed, it has recorded its own songs and played shows around Jutland. 

Together with Jens Edlef Møller and others, Tescha Quist has established a loyal fan base through over 30 sold-out house concerts in Åbyhøj and countless local venues.

Tescha Quist has made several music videos. Watch, for example, the quintet's tribute to Aarhus in their version of the classic Walking my baby back home.

Tescha Quist Jazz Quintet (DK)
Tescha Quist Jazz Quintet (DK)