Lucie Hendry Trio (SCO/DK)
Lucie Hendry Trio - Photo: Café Smagløs

Foto: Café Smagløs

Lucie Hendry Trio

Lucie Hendry (harp), Dennis Iversen (g), Christoffer Skovhus (drm)

Scottish Folk Music with a Touch of Jazz

Lucie Hendry Trio is a unique collaboration between Scottish folk harpist Lucie Hendry and two of Denmark's upcoming jazz musicians, Dennis Iversen (guitar) and Christoffer Skovhus (drums). With original music written by Lucie, the trio offers a new and fresh interpretation of Scottish folk music with jazz influences.

With her debut album Land of Eden (June 2023), Lucie attempts to take the Celtic harp in new directions. The Lucie Hendry Trio will change the way people think about the harp and surprise audiences with the contrast between its delicate sound and powerful presence.

The pairing of the harp and the electric guitar will draw the listener into a floating universe, while the drums solidly bring the music to the ground and the musical journey into the present moment.

Uplifting melodies, solos, and strong rhythms are at the heart of this trio. Collectively, they bring their audience through a multitude of emotions in their captivating ambient, electronic, and melodic world.

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Lucie Hendry Trio (SCO/DK)
Lucie Hendry Trio (SCO/DK)


Lucie Hendry Trio - Photo: Café SmagløsFoto: Café Smagløs