July 8 - 15 2023
James Loveless, Uffe Steen, Peter Vuust, Mikkel Vuust (DK/US) - Photo: Uffe Steen

Photo: Uffe Steen

James Loveless, Uffe Steen, Peter Vuust, Mikkel Vuust (DK/US)


James Loveless (voc), Uffe Steen (g), Peter Vuust (b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

Distinguished Blues Vocalist Sings Jazz

Spend this afternoon in the company of American-born singer James Loveless, arguably one of the country's finest blues singers.

At this special concert, he crosses into the land of jazz with interpretations of well-known classics in the company of some of Denmark's most acclaimed jazz musicians. 

James Loveless is best known as the frontman of Aarhus-based Shades of Blue, which celebrated its 30-year anniversary last year. The band has toured Denmark extensively over the years. Last year, Shades of Blue's unique concerts were rewarded with a Danish Music Award for best live band of the year on the blues scene.

Although the blues roots are never denied in James Loveless' singing, he has also taken jazz to heart early in his career. For a number of years, he was a regular soloist in Klüver's Big Band and toured with them in Scandinavia and Russia. In recent years, he has also appeared on stage with his son, Shaka Loveless. 

Uffe Steen is one of Denmark's best guitarists, known for his unique and wild technique that includes playing the guitar upside down. Throughout his long career, he has played with a large number of recognized jazz and blues acts. As an instrumentalist, he is known for his compassionate and captivating playing. He has achieved international recognition with his CDs with, among others, Adam Nussbaum on drums.  

Peter Vuust is a professor at Aarhus University and the Royal Academy of Music, head of the Center for Music in the Brain, and is also one of the busiest sidemen in Denmark. He is known for his groovy and responsive backing and extremely melodic solo playing, and as a composer and bassist he has released seven solo albums. Peter has also been nominated for a DMA for his CD September Song

Mikkel Vuust is one of the country's most talented young drummers. Despite his young age, he has played with names such as Jakob Fisher, Uffe Steen, Henrik Gunde, and Sinne Eeg. He is currently studying at the Manhattan School of Music in New York and has just released the album Further To Fly with 5 x Vuust.


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