July 8 - 15 2023
3 x Vuust (DK) - Photo: 3 X Vuust

Photo: 3 X Vuust

3 x Vuust (DK)


Frederik Vuust (p), Peter Vuust (b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

Family Trio on the Top

This late afternoon at Salling ROOFTOP you can experience a trio that has been playing together for almost 20 years. Experience Peter Vuust and his two talented sons Frederik Vuust and Mikkel Vuust, who despite their young ages are already permanent fixtures on the Danish jazz scene.

Through improvisation and daily practice, they have developed their very own musical language and repertoire. At ROOFTOP, they will play their own compositions as well as quirky arrangements and fast-paced versions of well-known and more obscure jazz standards. And you're sure to hear Frederik's unique vocals in a pop ballad or two.  

Bassist Peter Vuust is one of the elite jazz musicians, having appeared on more than 100 CDs, seven being his own. He is also a professor and head of the Center for Music In the Brain at Aarhus University and the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. Peter has also been nominated for a DMA for his CD September Song.

Frederik Vuust is a piano major at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and is also an excellent singer with a very special voice.

Mikkel Vuust on drums studies at the Manhattan School of Music in New York, and has played with a large number of well-known jazz musicians, including Jacob Fischer, Henrik Gunde, Uffe Steen, and Sinne Eeg. Most recently, they released the CD Further to Fly with the family band 5 x Vuust, where they interpret Paul Simon's songs.


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Aarhus Jazz Festival

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