July 8 - 15 2023
Mathias Heise & Frederik Vuust Trio (DK) - Photo: Tir na NÓg

Photo: Tir na NÓg

Mathias Heise & Frederik Vuust Trio (DK)


Mathias Heise (hca), Frederik Vuust (p), Thorbjørn Stefansson(b), Mikkel Vuust (drm)

Harmonica Virtuoso in Strong Musical Company

Mathias Heise is a virtuoso on his harmonica and an exceptional musical talent. He started playing the harmonica at the age of eight and became fascinated by the instrument, which has followed him through thick and thin ever since.

It is rare for a young Danish musician to be named world champion on his instrument, but in 2013, at just 20 years old, Mathias Heise was crowned world champion in chromatic harmonica.

In 2012 he formed Mathias Heise Quadrillion, who managed to create a different, unique, and deeply personal contemporary sound by combining the harmonies and improvisation of jazz with the hard-hitting rhythms of rock and funk music.

He also performed with world-renowned composer and pianist Bent Fabricius-Bjerre for his final public concerts in 2018 and 2019.

Matthias has released three solo albums.  

Frederik Vuust is a piano major at the Royal Academy of Music in Jutland and is also an excellent singer with a very special voice.

Mikkel Vuust, on drums, studies at the Manhattan School of Music in New York. Despite being 22, he has played with a large number of well-known jazz musicians, including Jacob Fischer, Henrik Gunde, Uffe Steen, and Sinne Eeg.


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