July 8 - 15 2023
Emil Otto Quartet  (DK/GE/BE) - Photo: HeadQuarters

Photo: HeadQuarters

Emil Otto Quartet (DK/GE/BE)


Emil Otto (voc), Luka Dgebuadze (p), Andreas Schmitz (b), Yannick Ballmann (drm)

A Genuine New Crooner 

Emil Otto took the Danish jazz scene by storm in September 2022 when his debut release Ainʼt Love a Beautiful Thing hit the streets. It was an album that received nothing but great reviews and was chosen as album of the week on the national jazz radio DR P8 Jazz. 

" ... In my opinion, Emil Otto has made a groundbreaking, significant, and insanely ambitious debut album." 

The young up-and-coming singer, pianist, songwriter, composer, and, not least, entertainer masters a unique versatility. With his warm charismatic voice and storytelling, he combines, despite his young age, both respect and knowledge of the great American crooner heritage with a more modern Scandinavian songwriting tradition. There is plenty of inspiration to be found in the likes of Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., and Nat King Cole. 

" ... debutant Emil Otto starts out in a high class. It's a successful crooner record about failed love and hope."

His time in both New Orleans and Los Angeles with, among others, the piano phenomenon Carl Sonny Leyland has helped shape the young Danish crooner's versatility. Now, he performs both as a solo artist, in his international quintet, where the piano is left to the Georgian super talent Luka Dgebuadze, and in his own nine-man band with a five-man horn section. 

" ... The debutant's assurance is nonetheless impressive. His potential is deeply fascinating. And the debut album is definitely worth listening to."
Ivan Rod. 

Experience the next great Danish jazz star carrying forward the traditions in his own personal way.


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