July 8 - 15 2023
A Fo – Crush String Collective (DK/NO/SE/FI) - Photo: ALT_R_JAZZ


A Fo – Crush String Collective (DK/NO/SE/FI)


Maria Jagd and Julija Morgan Kiibus (vio), Pauline Hogstrand (viola), Oda Dyrnes (vc), Clara Aaholm (p, balafon, voc), Eliza Boye Mouritsen (perc, vio, dance, voc), Jenni Hanikka (fl, voc), Maarika Autio (balafon, kora, voc, dance), Emma Kristina Larsson (b), Mette Marie J. Ørnstrup (perc, voc), Nana Pi Aabo-Kim and Carolyn Goodwin (sax)

Musical Encounter with Experimental String Collective

For this night's catharsis, there is a special collaboration concert between A Fo and Crush String Collective. Delicate strings co-exist with West African drums, dance, Finnish throat singing, flutes, saxophones, circular grooves, and free improvisation. Anything can happen here. 

A Fo connects the world in an energetic and unique universe where African rhythms from Mali and Senegal mix with Nordic folk tones, Siberian throat singing, dance, and improvisational music.

The punchy name means "play!" or "speak!" in the Mandinka language, and that's exactly what the band does. Together they play, dance, and sing their way through their shared love of countless musical traditions.

Tonight, the band has invited two improvisational equilibrists, Carolyn Goodwin and Nana Pi Aabo-Kim, for a collaboration that has to be experienced.

Crush String Collective is an experimental string collective that, through their combined 150 years of instrumental experience, non-hierarchical structure, and homogeneous ensemble playing, make audiences infatuated with the delicate and vibrant sound of string instruments.

They have broken the strict confines of classical music and play with the magic of the present moment. They explore the many aspects of the string sound. And they create music that ranges from the grandiose sound of a string orchestra to atmospheres of small sounds of wood and strings meeting bow and hair. 

The collective's critically acclaimed debut album Aeriform was released in February 2022 and received a nomination for New Jazz Name of the Year at the DMA Jazz Awards. Crush has toured Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany and collaborated with artists such as Lucky Lo, Marcela Lucatelli, and Kaspar Colling Nielsen.


Read more about A Fo – Crush String Collective

Read more about A Fo – Crush String Collective

50 kr pr. koncert. 300 kr. for tre dage. Cover charge 50 DKK

Aarhus Jazz Festival

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