July 8 - 15 2023
Maria Faust – Mass of Mary (EE) - Photo: Toomas Volkmann

Photo: Toomas Volkmann

Maria Faust – Mass of Mary (EE)


Collegium Musicale (choir), Endrik Üksvärav (cond), Maria Faust (a-sax), Indrek Vau (trp), Andres Kontus (trb), Kristjan Kungla (bassoon)

A Monumental Piece for Choir and Wind Ensemble

This year, Aarhus Jazz Festival presents a unique concert with Maria Faust's magnificent choral work Mass of Mary, which focuses on a number of relevant social issues such as abuse, trauma, and domestic violence.

Just this year, the piece has been nominated for the prestigious Carl-prisen award. At this year's jazz festival, you can also watch the documentary Machina Faust, which follows the creation of the work.

Mass of Mary is a sacred work that combines musical influences from medieval music, jazz, and contemporary art music as well as older Estonian folk music. It was composed by Estonian saxophonist and composer Maria Faust, a resident of Estonia, for the Estonian chamber choir Collegium Musicale and a small horn ensemble featuring the composer herself. The whole is conducted by compatriot Endrik Üksvärav.

Mass of Mary is dedicated to the victims of domestic violence and abuse – problems that affect individuals and families across geography, nationality, race, gender, and class. In creating the work, Faust worked compositionally and technically with traditional forms of the Mass as well as sacred liturgy, which together serve as a framework for a series of original stories (written by Faust and Estonian art historian and playwright Eero Epner) told from the point of view of three archetypes – Mother, Child, and Society.

Maria Faust is one of the most prominent names on the Danish experimental scene and has received numerous awards for her work so far – including five DMAs, an Estonian Music Award, and an honorary award from the songwriters' professional organization DJBFA.

The Estonian choir Collegium Musicale has been among the musical elite in its home country since conductor Endrik Üksvärav created the group in 2010. Its repertoire ranges from Renaissance to contemporary music, with a focus on Estonian composers. In 2017, the choir won two prizes at the international EBU / Euroradio Let the Peoples Sing competition and has been named Choir of the Year by the Estonian Choral Association for three consecutive years.


Listen to the Music – Watch the Films 

This year, Aarhus Jazz Festival in collaboration with Musikhuset Aarhus and Øst For Paradis delivers a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the music with three new documentaries about contemporary Danish jazz musicians, who also happen to be playing during the festival. 

Get up close and get their take on how music affects us and what jazz can do today. 

Maria Faust - Mass of Mary (concert) 11 / 7 7:00 pm, St. Luke's Church. - Machina Faust (movie) 12 / 7 7:30 pm, Øst for Paradis.

Jakob Bro - Bro / Mikkelborg / Mazur + Jørgen Leth (concert) 8 / 7 8:00 pm, Musikhuset Aarhus. - Music for Black Pigeons (movie) 8 / 7-16 / 7 2:30 pm, Øst for Paradis. 

Kasper Tranberg - Kasper Tranberg Solo + Suite Dilation (concert, film, artist talk) 10 / 7 7:30 pm, Øst for Paradis.


Read more about Maria Faust – Mass of Mary

Read more about Maria Faust – Mass of Mary

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