July 8 - 15 2023
Balthazars Karaffel (DK) - Photo: Café Gemmestedet

Photo: Café Gemmestedet

Balthazars Karaffel (DK)


Søren Bech (org), Morten Haugshøj (g), Andreas Skamby (drm)

A Real Organ Trio

Balthazar's Karaffel is a genuine, well-groomed, sweaty, naughty, and dirty organ trio with the fantastic Søren Bech behind the keys and the foot pedals on the sexy Hammond organ.

The trio is based on – and pays tribute to – the strong tradition of bands built around the Hammond organ, guitar, and drums such as the Lonnie Smith Trio, and if you want to get close to a real Leslie and also like jazz with lots of energy, swing, and attitude, you can't miss this show. 

Balthazar's Karaffel consists of:

Recognized jazz guitarist Morten Haugshøj, who has several critically acclaimed albums to his name, most recently Double Up, and who plays in a myriad of contexts as a sideman.

Drummer Andreas Skamby, who plays in many different contexts, including the successful band I Think You're Awesome and his own band Fauna 5. The latter band released a spectacular debut album last year.

Last but not least, Søren Bech, who is among the best in the country when it comes to the Hammond organ and is known for his band Organic Picnic, and more. Søren can now also call himself a trained church organist, so he has complete control over both pedals and keys. The group is considered one of the absolute best organ jazz trios in the country and plays at an international level.


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