July 13 - 20 2024
Bro / Mikkelborg / Mazur + Jørgen Leth (DK) - Photo: Musikhuset Aarhus

Photo: Musikhuset Aarhus

Bro / Mikkelborg / Mazur + Jørgen Leth (DK)


Jakob Bro (g), Palle Mikkelborg (trp), Marilyn Mazur (perc), Jørgen Leth (poetry)

Musical and Poetry Meet at Musikhuset

Experience three of Danish jazz's greatest capacities at Musikhuset Swings as Jakob Bro and Palle Mikkelborg revisit the lyrical vibes and compositions from their acclaimed ECM album Returnings at with Aarhus Jazz Festival.

They are joined by the uncrowned percussion queen Marilyn Mazur, whose virtuosic and playful approach is tailor-made for the pair's spherical soundscapes.

Marilyn Mazur became internationally renowned for her collaborations with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and Jan Garbarek, and as the driving force behind her own innovative band projects with leading Nordic musicians.

Jakob Bro opens the first set in a duo with poet, film director, and jazz lover Jørgen Leth, who is behind the critically acclaimed documentary Music For Black Pigeons, which can be seen at Øst for Paradis during the jazz festival.


About Musikhuset Swings 

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus once again have the pleasure of inviting you to Musikhuset Swings during Aarhus Jazz Festival. If you have visited Ridehuset Swings in the past, you already know to look forward to enjoying community, culinary delights, and great musical experiences – with free admission to most concerts. 

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Musikhuset Aarhus look forward to welcoming you to Musikhuset Swings, which takes place July 8-15 in the foyer and halls of Musikhuset and at KISSA in Musikhusparken.


Listen to the Music – Watch the Films

This year, Aarhus Jazz Festival in collaboration with Musikhuset Aarhus and Øst For Paradis delivers a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the music with three new documentaries about contemporary Danish jazz musicians, who also happen to be playing during the festival.

Get up close and get their take on how music affects us and what jazz can do today.

Jakob Bro – Bro / Mikkelborg / Mazur + Jørgen Leth (concert) 8 / 7 8:00 pm, Musikhuset Aarhus. – Music for Black Pigeons (movie) 8 / 7-16 / 7 2:30 pm, Øst for Paradis. 

Kasper Tranberg – Kasper Tranberg Solo + Suite Dilation (concert, film, artist talk) 10 / 7 7:30 pm, Øst for Paradis. 

Maria Faust - Mass of Mary (concert) 11 / 7 7:30 pm, St. Luke's Church. – Machina Faust (movie) 12 / 7 7:30 pm, Øst for Paradis. 


Read more about Bro / Mikkelborg / Mazur + Jørgen Leth

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