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Modou Traore (DK/ML) - Photo: Zanders Bar

Photo: Zanders Bar

Modou Traore (DK/ML)


Modu Traore (ML) vox, perc Mikas Bøgh Olesen (DK) guitar, bass Jon Døssing Bendixen (DK) keys, bass Jakob De Place (DK) drums

Modu Traore is a man of dual heritage, with a Senegalese father and a malien mother. His soulful connection to music runs deep, a passion that has been with him since birth. He is not simply a musician, but a great storyteller and an excellent percussionist.

By his side are three equally dedicated musicians, with a great passion for malien music culture. Jakob and Mikas have been living in Bamako, the vibrant culture capitol of Mali for over seven years and collaborating with a diverse array of artists. Together, they create music that transcends boundaries, and blends genre as bambara blues and modern afrobeat.

It is raw, powerful, and undeniably groovy. To experience Modu Traore and his talented companions is to be taking away on a journey of sound and emotion. It is a passionate ode to the music that pulses through the nightlife of Bamako, and a peak into the joy and beauty that can be found in the West African music culture.

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