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30/6/2023 | Forfatter:

There are many musical possibilities during the Aarhus Jazz Festival with more than 350 concerts and jazz in every corner of Aarhus. The official period for the jazz festival is from Saturday 8th - Saturday 15th July, but there are some organizers who will start on Friday 7th July and finish on Sunday 16th July. Their concerts are also in the program.

Aarhus Jazz Festival's website

If you click HERE you will find this year's programme. You can filter the concerts and show only a specific day, a specific genre, a specific venue's program or a specific organizer's program. Finally, you can use the search function/search field to search for orchestra names, musician names or the like - and if you press 'show search' here, all your search results will appear as a separate list.

Also use our experience categories to find exciting concert experiences - and get news from the festival.

You can also find an overview and map of venues in the festival

Read more about genres, experience categories and instrument abbreviations in the program

The printed program

Aarhus Jazz Festival's printed program can be found all around Aarhus and its surroundings, i.a. at Musikhuset Aarhus, Dokk1 and at Godsbanen.

We have made an overview of important changes compared to the printed program HERE

You can also find the Aarhus Jazz Festival's program at: AarhusGuiden (Aarhus Kommune)

Aarhus Jazz Festival Magazine

All week, writers and photographers from the festival's JazzLive editorial team will report from Aarhus Jazz Festival in our Aarhus Jazz Festival Magazine

You can find practical information for the audience about ticket sales, hotel, transport and so oen by clicking HERE




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Aarhus Jazz Festival

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