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Watch the movie - listen to the music live

2/7/2023 | Forfatter: Aarhus Jazz Festival

For the first time, Aarhus Jazz Festival presents major music documentaries. At the same time, the depicted musicians can be experienced live in concert during the festival.

This year, we’re offering audiences the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the music. In collaboration with Musikhuset Aarhus and Øst For Paradis, you can watch three recent documentaries portraying contemporary Danish jazz musicians, who can also be experienced at concerts during the festival. Get up close and personal and get their take on what music does to us and what modern jazz can do.

Jørgen Leth, Jakob Bro, Palle Mikkelborg og Marilyn Mazur

Saturday opens with author Jørgen Leth on stage with three of Danish jazz’s greatest performers.

Jakob Bro and Palle Mikkelborg revisit the lyrical moods and compositions from their acclaimed ECM album Returnings when they take the stage with the uncrowned percussion queen Marilyn Mazur. Her virtuosic and playful approach perfectly complements the duo’s spherical sound paintings. Marilyn Mazur became world-renowned for her collaborations with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and Jan Garbarek as well as for her own innovative band projects with leading Nordic musicians.

Jakob Bro opens the concert in duo with poet, film director, and jazz lover Jørgen Leth, who along with Andreas Kofoed is behind the critically acclaimed documentary Music For Black Pigeons, which plays every day during the festival in the cinema Øst for Paradis.


Concert: Bro / Mikkelborg / Mazur + Jørgen Leth (koncert) 8/7 20:00, Musikhuset Aarhus

Film portrait: Music for Black Pigeons (film) 8/7-16/7 14:30, Øst for Paradis. 



A Lonesome Trumpet of International Stature

In his documentary Suite Dilation, filmmaker Mike Højgaard follows trumpeter Kasper Tranberg’s exotic journey from the bustling streets of Tokyo and the tranquility of Japanese spirituality back to his childhood on Lolland and the recording of his solo trumpet album in present-day Copenhagen.

It is a movie about how an artist discovers himself after an already long career. The story is set in the wake of challenging loneliness, a demanding solo recording, and the musician’s need to contemplate his philosophy on music.

Monday during Aarhus Jazz Festival, you can enjoy a very special jazz evening in Øst for Paradis. Watch the movie, listen to a solo concert with Kasper Tranberg, and experience him and director Mike Højgaard in an artist talk. The talk will be about his music, his tones, his compositions, his tempo and structures – and not least his hopes and dreams.


A Magnificent Piece Dedicated to Victims of Domestic Violence
On Tuesday, we present a unique concert of Maria Faust’s magnificent choral work Mass of Mary in St. Luke’s Church in Frederiksbjerg.

It is composed by
the Estonian saxophonist and composer Maria Faust, and written for the Estonian chamber choir Collegium Musicale and a small horn ensemble, which includes the composer. The large choir and musicians are con- ducted by compatriot Endrik Üksvärav.

The Mass of Mary is dedicated to the victims of domestic violence and abuse. Problems that affect individuals and families across borders, geography, nationality, race, gender, and class. In the making of the piece, Maria Faust worked compositionally and technically with traditional mass forms and sacred liturgy. Together, they provided a framework for a series of original stories told from the point of view of three archetypes: the mother, the child, and society.

The piece has just this year been nominated for the prestigious Carl-prisen award. The documentary film Machina Faust, which follows the creation of the piece of music, can be viewed in Øst for Paradis during the festival. The Estonian choir Collegium Musicale is part of the absolute musical elite in its home country.


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