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Genrer, oplevelseskategorier og instrumentforkortelser

Genres, experience categories and instrument abbreviations

6/7/2023 | Forfatter: Aarhus Jazz Festival

You can be guided to your musical experiences and surf around the program with our genre and experience categories


Swingin’ & boppin’

The sound of classic jazz e.g. mainstream, swing, New Orleans jazz, bebop/hardbop, cool jazz.

Rockin’ & poppin

Where jazz meets sounds from the world of pop or rock, e.g. pop jazz, jazz rock, indie jazz.

At the roots

Where jazz is inspired and fused with musical traditions and roots from all over the world, e.g. Latin, folk, Afro-jazz.

Blue & groovin’

Blues, soul, funk, hip hop, fusion jazz.

Adventurous, free & art music

Experimental, adventurous music and art music, e.g. free jazz, jazz & classical.

  Modern melodies & contemporary tones

Contemporary jazz, which draws inspiration from a wealth of different musical styles, while remaining firmly rooted in jazz tradition.

  Kids & families

Concerts specifically targeted at children and families.

 Jazz & words

Concerts where music is mixed with spoken word, e.g. jazz’n’poetry, jazz and poetry slam, spoken word.

 Events and all that jazz

Other events including talks, courses, master- classes, installations, and jam sessions.


When exploring Aarhus Jazz Festival's extensive program, you can obviously look for musicians you know, concerts at your favourite venues or specific genres. But as a new feature on our website, you can also explore the program by choosing what kind of concert experience you want.



acc Harmonika / Accordion
a-sax Altsaxofon / Alto saxophone
b Bas / Bass
b- Basinstrument / Bass instrument
bj Banjo
bar-sax Baryton-saxofon / Baritone saxophone cl Klarinet / Clarinet
cng Conga
comp Komponist / Composer
cond Dirigent / Conductor
cor Kornet / Cornet
drm Trommer / Drums
el- Elektrisk / Electric
fl Fløjte / Flute
flh Flygelhorn / Flugelhorn
g Guitar
hca Mundharmonika / Harmonica
keys Keyboard
org Orgel / Organ – Hammond
p Klaver / Piano
perc Percussion
poetry Oplæsning / Spoken word
rec Blokfløjte/Recorder
rhodes Fender Rhodes
sax Saxofon / Saxophone
s-sax Sopransaxofon / Soprano saxophone synth Synthesizer
trb Trombone
trp Trompet / Trumpet
t-sax Tenorsaxofon / Tenor saxophone
vc Cello
vib Vibrafon / Vibraphone
vio Violin
viola Bratsch / Viola
voc Sang / Vocal

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Aarhus Jazz Festival

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