Significant Time – 12 Points (2) (NO)

Significant Time – 12 Points (2) (NO)

“A split between playful ... and serious that is never quite resolved” – Chris Baber, Significant Time have been gaining quite a lot of attention in Norway for their blistering and humorous concerts, not least at last year's Maijazz festival where critics lauded Significant Time's concert as one of the highlights of the festival. Anchored by vocalist Signe Irene Time and pianist Øyvind Gjelsten Dale, the latter providing arrangements for the sextet, the influences here are broad, inspired by jazz greats like Ellington and Mingus interspersed with classical composers Ravel, Chopin and others. Here, Signe’s vocal is integrated into the ensemble as a melodic instrument giving her unlimited scope for wordless improvisation. Throughout there is a certain playfulness and joyful exploration of tradition and freedom that elevates this orchestral ensemble. A quartet until relatively recently Significant Time invited saxophonist André Roligheten and trumpeter Hayden Powell to supplement the band, further broadening their palette.


Signe Irene Time (voc), Hayden Powell (trp), André Roligheten (sax), Øyvind G. Dale (p), Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson (b), Raymond Lavik (drm)

  • Significant Time – 12 Points (2)

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17:10 - 18:00
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Normal pris 100 kr. / Rabatpris 80 kr. (2 koncerter). Normal pris 180 kr. / Rabatpris 140 kr. for 1 dag (4 koncerter). Normal pris 490 kr. / Rabatpris 350 kr. for partoutbillet til 12 Points (12 koncerter over 3 dage). Rabatprisen gælder unge under 25 år, studerende og medlemmer af Jazzselskabet Aarhus, Sun Ship og Phonognom. NB! Hvis du ønsker at købe dag- eller partoutbillet – gå til menupunkt BILLETSALG her på Billetsalg ved døren fra kl. 15.00. Koncert med forsalg:
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