Jesper Thilo Kvartet (DK)

Jesper Thilo Kvartet (DK)

World-class artist and terrific musician

Teaterkatten is visited by Denmark's greatest tenor saxophonist of the ages, Jesper Thilo. He is both an artist of international calibre and a terrific musician who is renowned in all parts of the jazz scene.

He will be joined by a trio that effortlessly and with confidence will follow him on his journey through the world of sound.

Pianist Søren Kristiansen already made a name for himself as a solo pianist at the original Bent J and is now a sought-after musician both as a high-level soloist and accompanist.

Bass player Jesper Carlsen and drummer and ideas man Jørn Okbo complete the picture of a swinging, extroverted unit.


Jesper Thilo (t-sax), Søren Kristiansen (p), Jesper Carlsen (b), Jørn Okbo (drm)

  • Jesper Thilo Kvartet
  • Jesper Thilo Kvartet

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14:00 - 16:00

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