Nullernix Duo – Børnejazz (DK)


Nullernix Duo – Børnejazz (DK)

Cathrine Legardh (voc), Jacob Christoffersen (p)

NullerNix with tugging & swinging

It is no quiet affair when the nullerman(or lady?) cuts loose in the city of smiles. Whimsical and naughty anecdotes flow freely from the tobacco-stained liver - it is about dust and other small fry - and about being little and seeing the world from below.

The children are involved in gestures, singing, dancing, etc., and the style is jazz - in the traditional and swinging sense - with detours into pop and country, etc.

NullerNix is a family band where everyone can participate. The target group is 0-109 years.

The press has said the following:

"... a series of fun and inventive songs based on the strange world of the nullermen (which looks a lot like our own), served highly musically by Cathrine Legardh and her band. It is both touching and fun in all its absurdity.
Information, C. Munch Hansen.

There will be laughs, stories and good music when we get a visit from Nullernix Duo this morning at Bispetorvet.



10:30 - 11:30

Cover charge FREE


Bispejazz - Bispetorvet
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 28 60 47 91


Aarhus Jazz Festival
(+45) 28 60 47 91
RMF (Rytmisk Musikforening)

  • Nullernix Duo – Børnejazz
  • Nullernix Duo – Børnejazz