Jakob Buchanan (DK)

A tribute to Rosenhøj

The concert revolves around Jakob Buchanan's new trio album A Language of My Own on the Brooklyn label Skirl Records with American musician Chris Speed and Danish Simon Toldam.

Jakob Buchanan, Chris Speed and Simon Toldam reunites at the concert in Aarhus Domkirke.

The album is a tribute to the Rosenhøj neighbourhood, Viby J, where Buchanan grew up. The neighbourhood is known for its cultural diversity. With this, the childhood memories and the trio's special sound in mind, Buchanan recorded the sketches for this album and the instrumental piece On Rosenhilll on the balcony in block 2C, 2nd floor in the middle - on the trumpet with a mute.

The album was recorded in the Rainbow Studio in Oslo by Jan Erik Kongshaug and is now ready to be released.



Jakob Buchanan (trp), Chris Speed (sax,cl), Simon Toldam (p)

  • Jakob Buchanan

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23:00 - 00:00
Cover charge Kr. 120

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Aarhus Domkirke
Store Torv 1
DK-8000 Aarhus C
(+45) 86 20 54 00


Aarhus Domkirke
(+45) 86 20 54 00
Jakob Buchanan